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Application to capture the students attendance by the school head master. Head master has to login and click on the Synchronize data button on the dashboard to sync the children information offline on the device. Without synchronizing the child information, head master / teacher cannot capture the attendance of the students.

Students attendance can be capture medium and class wise. By default all the children will be marked present ( indicated as TICK mark against each child ). If the child is absent, please UNCHECK the box against his name.

Reports are enabled to check the same day attendance and day wise attendance. NCE APP 

Note: Data Synchronize  చేస్తే ప్రస్తుత విద్యాసంవత్సరం రోలు Display అవుతుంది.




Present:: Sri V. China Veerabhadrudu, IAS.

Rc. No.145/A&I/2020 Dated:18/08/2021

Sub:- School Education – Students Attendance – Mobile application for reporting student attendance by all Schools under all Managements everyday – Certain instructions issued – Regarding.


1) Covid Response Action Plan Dt 05-05-2021

2) G.O.RT. No. 429, HM&FW Department Dt: 09-08-2021

3) Govt.Memo.ESE01-SEDNOCSE/784/2021-PROG-II Dated 14-08- 2021



The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference 3rd cited, wherein the Government have issued orders for reopening of schools from 16th August 2021 duly following the COVID-19 protocol.

2. Further, instructions were already issued to the RJDSEs and DEOs that, teachers and headmasters of high schools, UP schools and primary schools should attend the schools as mentioned in proceedings and with regard to student attendance, a mobile application i.e., STUDENTS ATTENDANCE was developed and placed in the Google Play Store

( as per the instructions of the Government to capture the attendance of students in all Schools under all Managements i.e., Government, Aided and Private Un-Aided Schools.

3. Further, all Headmaster/Principals and teachers in all schools under all managements shall download and install the STUDENTS ATTENDANCE mobile application and mark the student attendance in the given application and follow step wise activity is appended for ready reference.

4. Therefore, all the RJDSEs and DEOs in the State is requested to issue instructions to the field level functionaries (Dy.EOs, MEOs, etc.) and ensure that, all Head masters/principals and teachers of all schools under all managements(Government, Aided and Private Un-Aided) shall download and install the STUDENTS ATTENDANCE mobile application and capture the student attendance everyday duly following the above steps. These instructions should be followed scrupulously.

File No.ESE02-30/87/2020-A&I -CSE-Part(3) 

5. If any deviation observed in the above instructions will be viewed seriously and necessary action will be initiated against the schools as per the rules in force.

Chinaveerabhadrudu Vadrevu

Director, School Education


The all Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State.

The all District Educational Officers in the State.

Copy to Principal Secretary to Govt., School Education Department, A.P., Velagapudi.

Copy to all Collectors & District Magistrates in the State.

Copy to all Joint Collectors, (Village & Ward Secretariat and Development) in the State.

Copy to the State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, Vijayawada.

Copy to the Director, SCERT, A.P, Ibrahimpatnam.

Copy to Addl. PS to Hon’ble Minister for Education, Govt., of Andhra

Pradesh A.P., Velagapudi.

Copy to the DSE Peshi.



1 : Click on the link given below


2 : Download and install the STUDENTS ATTENDANCE mobile application

Step:- 3 :

Enter User-ID (UDISE Code of respective school) and Password is

Childinfo password (same credentials of Childinfo will be used for

this application also)

Step:- 4 : After login, Three services are appear in Dashboard - In Services, Reports, General Services - First Synchronize the data

Step:- 5 : Go to - Input Services and open Student Attendance then Select Medium (English, Telugu), Select Class (1 to 10 based on the school) and then press GO button

Step:- 6 : Total No.of Students (No.of Boys & No.of Girls separately) will appear with name/child id. All Students attendance is marked by default.

Step:- 7 : The concerned classroom teacher shall search the child name (s) in the search bar and mark absent, if he/she not attended the school.

Step:- 8 : After completion of marking absent to the students who have not attended in the particular class room, the concerned teachers should press SUBMIT button

Step:- 9 : Then, one dialogue box (confirmation) will be opened and Press OK if all students attendance marked/unmarked, if any corrections then Press CANCEL and submit the attendance details.

Step:- 10 :The above same steps from 5 to 9 will be repeated for all classes.

Step:- 11 : The concerned Headmaster/Principal can see the Today Attendance Report and Daily Attendance Reports in REPORTS

Chinaveerabhadrudu Vadrevu

Director of School Education


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