Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Implementation of Bio metric Attendance Certain Instructions - Regarding

బయోమెట్రిక్‌ హాజరుకు సంబంధించి తగు చర్యలు తీసుకోవాలని అన్ని శాఖలకు  ప్రభుత్వ ఆదేశాలు.

బయోమెట్రిక్ పరికరాలను తిరిగి సిద్ధం చేయాలని ఐటీ శాఖను ఆదేశించిన సీయస్



Circular Memo.GAD01-NABEOBMATI1/2021-PU-B-1 Dated:24.08.2021.

Sub: General Administration Department Policy Unit - Meeting held by CS with all  Secretaries on 13.08.2021 Implementation of Bio metric Attendance Certain Instructions - Regarding

Ref: 1) Govt., Memo.No.58021/7/2017-PU A-GAD-02, Dated:29.09.2017.

2) Circular Memo.No.GADO1-NABEOBMAT(INST)}/1/2020-PU-C-1, dated:19.03.2020.

3) Minutes of the Meeting held by CS with all Secretaries held on 13.08.2021.


In the reference 1s cited, certain instructions have been issued on Bio metric Attendance to all Secretariat Departments, all Heads of Departments, Autonomous organizations and District Collectors in the State.

2) In the reference 2nd cited, Bio metric Attendance have been dispensed with in view of the potential Covid-19 infection for the time being, as main source of the spread of Covid-19 virus is direct contact.

3) In a meeting held by CS with all Secretaries on 13.08.2021 a decision has been taken among others that attendance with Bio metric Device is mandatory in the Secretariat and other offices.

4) Therefore, the IT,E&C Department shall make operationalize the Bio metric Devices in Secretariat and other offices immediately and ensure the instructions issued in the Memo 1st cited.

5) All the Departments of Secretariat shall take immediate action to make attendance with Bio metric Device in Head of Departments, District Collectors, Autonomous Organizations & State Unit Offices under their control.

6) The IT, E&C Department/ General Administration (PU) Department shall ensure that all Bio metric Devices in the Secretariat are functioning properly and Integrated report of Bio metric attendance has to be generated and submitted on monthly basis.

7) Every Secretary dealing with OP Section in all the Departments of Secretariat should watch Bio metric attendance of employees and take appropriate measures as per the rules.

8) All the Departments of Secretariat, Head of Departments, District Collectors, Autonomous Organizations/ State Units shall take necessary action accordingly.




All the Departments of Secretariat.

The IT,E&C Department (requested to take necessary Acton to Enable the Bio metric devices)

All the Head of Departments.

All the District Collectors.

All Autonomous Organizations/State Units.

Copy to:

The Principal Advisor/Principal Secretary/ Secretary / Additional Secretary to CM.

The P.S. to Chief Secretary /Principal Secretary (Political)



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