Friday, September 7, 2018

PRC Arrears Procedure for Drawl-Reg by DTO KADAPA

PRC Arrears kept in abeyance Procedure for Drawl-Reg

sub: Public Services T & A Department PRC Arrears kept in abeyance Procedure for Drawl-Reg

Ref:-  1) G.O.Ms.No:98 Fin (PC , TA ) Dept Dt:26-06-2018
 It is to inform that Govt have permitted to drawl the kept abeyance amount for the period from 02-06-2014 to 01-03-2015 vide GO.Ms.No:98 Fimance (PC, TA), Dept Dt:26-06-2018.
PRC arrear of who have GPF amount be paid in cash for one month i.e march 2015 in the month of 11/2018. The remaining amounts for 9 months should be adjusted to   GPF.
  In respect of CPS employees, 10% should be deducted under CPS, and remaining amount payble in (3) Instalments on 1st September 2018, 1st October 2018 & 1st November 2018.
As verified from the CPS arrears bill present intreasury, it is noticed that CPS amount calculated @10% on gross amount instead of on Pay + DA.
How to Calculate PRC Arrear Amount to Prepare Bills
Total amount kept in abeyance Rs.90000-00
                            Pay :27000
                            DA : 54000
                           HRA:   9000
       Bills Presented Bills to Be Presented
Gross:                90000-00          Gross                  :90000.00
10% CPS :           9000-00 10% CPS:              8100.00
Balance:              81000-00 Balance :               81900.00

3 Instalment@Rs.27000.00 Per each                  3 Instalments @ Rs.27300-00 Per each

              All the treasury officers in the Kadapa District is requested to guide the DDOs under their control to prepare bills as above said to avoid confusion in presenting bills
                                                                                             Sd/- S. Hafeej Ali
                                                                                              Deputy Direcotr
                                                                                           Dist Treasury , Kadapa



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