Thursday, August 16, 2018

English Medium Parallel Sections New Instructions Rc 29

English Medium Parallel Sections New Instructions Rc 29

  1. EM Class -1 కు ప్రత్యేక రూమ్ కేటాయించాలి.
  2. అవకాశం లేకపోతే ఉన్న రూమ్ లలో మంచి రూమ్ కేటాయించాలి.
  3. ఉచితంగా పిల్లలకు పుస్తకాలు Distribution .
  4. రోల్ ఉన్న పాఠశాలలకు EM బోధించడానికి ఆదనవు టీచర్స్ ను కేటాయిస్తారు.
  5. EM బోధించుచున్న వారికి AP SCERT వారు శిక్షణ ఇస్తారు.

Rc.No. 29/A81/2017                                                                                Dated: 16 -08-2018
Sub:- School Education - Opening of English Medium Parallel Section of class I in Primary & Upper Primary Schools during the year 2018-19 as per lists - Smooth functioning of the EM Parallel Section Schools - Certain Guidelines - Issued
English Medium Parallel Sections Instructions -Rc 29.
1. G.O. Ms. No. 78 School Education (Prog.1) Dept., dt: 5-10-2017
2. This office Proc. Rc. No 29/A&112017, doted: 16-4-2018
3. This office Proc. Rc. No. 29/A&I/2017, dated: 16-5-2018
4. This office Proc. Rc. No. 29/A&I/2017, dated: 7-6-2018
The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the references 2". to 4'" read above, wherein lists of selected Primary / Upper Primary Schools were communicated to them for opening of English Medium Parallel sections at Class I during the year 2018-19 at their respective districts. 
The following some of the guidelines are issued for smooth functioning of the English Medium Parallel Sections in the Primary & Upper Primary Schools:-

  • Names of the students who are admitting in to I English Medium Sections shall be enrolled in the existing admission register- Lang with the Telugu Medium opted students.
  • Separate classroom should be utilised for running of the English Medium Parallel Section at Class - I as per the availability of Class Rooms.
  • If separate classroom is not available to run the Class I English Medium Section, it shall be run in a good ambiance according to the availability of class rooms.
  • The services of The teacher(s) who gave undertake to take E.M. Class, should be utilised to teach English Medium at Class-I.
  • Sufficient English Medium Text Books for Class I are to be supplied to all children on free of cost.
  • Allotment of additional teacher for Class I English Medium section shall be token up according to the enrollment of Class I in English Medium subject to the availability of surplus teachers in the District.
  • Trainings will be provided to the teachers, who are dealing with Class I EM sections, by the Director, SCERT, A.P.. Amaravati.

They are therefore requested to follow the above guidelines for smooth functioning of the schools, where English Medium Parallel Sections opened, in addition to the regular monitoring / inspections to the schools by the concerned officers.


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