Monday, September 19, 2016

No Jumbling system For SA1 & SA 2 Exam. It's only for SA 3

No Jumbling system  For  SA1 & SA 2 Exam. It's only for SA 3.
👉Syllabus for SA 1 Exam For VI to IX Upto Aug 2016.
👉For X class Upto Sept 2016 .
👉Provision is for  Uploading of FA2 & SA1 marks with Excel sheet is to be inserted in CSE website shortly.
👉No postponement of SA1 Exams i.e from 22.9.2016 to.28.9.2016
👉Dasara holidays from.30.9.2016 to11.10.2015 and Holi on 12.10.2016.