Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Village Ward Secretariat employees-Departmental Exams for Declaration of Probation-submitted



Sri Ajay Jain, IAS,

Special Chief Secretary to Govt.

GVWV & VSWS Department,



1. The Special Chief Secretary Revenue Dept, 2. The Special Chief Secretary, Agriculture,

Animal Husbandry, Sericulture & Fisheries 3. The special Chief Secretary, MA& UD,

4. The Principal Secretary, PR & RD,

5. The Principle Secretary, Social Welfare, 6. The Principal Secretary, Home Department,

7. The Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare,

8. The Secretary, Energy dept,

Rc.No: 69/D/2021 Dated: 03.08.2021.

Sub: Village Ward Secretariat Functionaries-Departmental Exams for Declaration of Probation-submitted-Reg.

It is to submit that Government established 15004 Village/ Ward Secretarials for effective implementation of welfare programmes and to improve delivery of services at the doorstep of citizens with due transparency and accountability Accordingly, Village/Ward level Secretariat functionaries were recruited. positioned and are functioning from Village/ Ward Secretariats. The probation of these employees needs to be declared after completion of 2 years of service

Earlier it was contemplated to conduct a Credit Based Assessment System examination for all the Village Ward Secretariat employees and the successful candidates would be eligible for declaration of probation. However, after careful examination, it is decided to conduct only department tests through APPSC and no additional common examination and no Credit based assessment test shall be conducted for the functionaries

Further the Departments who have prescribed departmental tests as per the service rules prescribed are requested to conduct the exams regularly through APPSC and are requested to follow the existing practice for declaring probation The Departments who have not prescribed Departmental tests are requested to identify and prescribe the relevant Department lests to be conducted by APPSC similar to the existing employees of equivalent scale work nature in their respective departments

Ajay Jain IAS 

Special Chief Secretary

DOWNLOAD RC NO 69/D/2021 PROCEEDINGS Dated: 03.08.2021.


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