Sunday, May 24, 2020


Guidelines for Cover Page Competitions

Total 18 books

require Cover page.

English workbook: class 1 to 5

Telugu workbook: class 1 to 5

Mathematics workbook: class 1 to 5

Environmental studies: class 3,4,5.


English- painting of alphabets, any child friendly painting related to workbook.

Telugu- alphabets, child friendly painting depicting our Telugu culture, tradition, handicrafts etc.

Maths- numbers, symbols, shapes, any other child friendly painting related to Mathematics.

EVS- Environment, conservation of forest, land, nature, landscape, plants, animals, birds, insects as themes, social issues for primary level.


Painting should be acrylic/oil/ poster watercolors. No pencil sketch/crayons/colour pencils/charcoal allowed.

Painting should be scanned and sent through the google form


Last date-27-05-2020.

Size of the painting should be 21.5 21.5 cm.

for any enquiry please mail to in nature. It is not specific as it would limit the creativity.

The workbooks are for primary school children, hence the content should be socially and psychologically child-friendly and colourful.

The best painting will be selected to be used for our workbooks with due credits to the artist.

The painting should be original and created by the Teacher working in government schools in Andhra pradesh only.

After announcement of results, if the painting is found to be copied or forged, action will be taken against the teacher. This competition is purely to encourage the talent of Teachers working in government schools in Andhra Pradesh and acknowledge them.

The painting will be checked for it's printability as it has to be printed at press.

The SCERT reserved the right to modify or change the rules/decisions at any point of time.

• Any appeal or issue will be dealt with by the Director SCERT.


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