Friday, May 15, 2020


Best Teaching Learning Material (TLM) Competition

Teaching Learning Material are the tools that help the teacher as well as student to achieve desired class specific learning outcomes.
TLM provides a range of learning experiences to the learners from direct to indirect process – Cone of experience (Edgar Dale 1969).
The topics given for TLM are general which is applicable to new Textbooks.

Entry to the competition

1. Primary level (Only SGT/ HM teaching classes 1-5 can apply)
2. Secondary level (only SA/ HM teaching classes 6-10 can apply)

Participants are requested to send their TLM from 15.5.2020 to 20.5.2020. Any submissions after 20.5.2020 will be rejected.

Format for submission

TLM can be sent as Picture or PDF or 1 minute video to the following email id-

A Concept note about the

1) aim of the TLM,
2) Classes (grades) it can be used,
3) Materials required,
4) Procedure to make,
5) Cost of TLM should be written
6) Name of the Teachers, class teaching, name of the school working, DISE code, Treasury code, village, Mandal, District


1. Only Andhra Pradesh Teachers working at present in any government run schools (Municipal/MPP/ZPP/government/ Tribal/ Welfare/ aided) are eligible to participate.
2. Only one topic in one subject in only one level.
3. Entries to be original and innovative idea.
4. If adapted from some other source, a reference should be mentioned.
5. It should be topic specific, class specific, National Curriculum framework Learning outcomes mapped.
6. Each participant only one entry (you may be talented to participate in all, but we need to encourage more participants).
7. If it is a model, 1-minute video of the model.
Criteria for selection
A committee consisting of Resource persons will be constituted to assess based on the following parameters:
1. Simple.
2. Innovative.
3. Helps teachers in effective instruction.
4. Costs involved- No cost/Low cost (less budget, more innovation will get high scores).
5. Adaptability of the TLM to other classes/Topics.


1. AP SCERT will not be responsible in any way for copy of the ideas by anyone.
2. It is the participant discretion to post their TLM in the public forum.
3. By participating in the competition, it is assumed that participant is fully aware that their TLM ideas are in public forum and that APSCERT is not responsible for any consequences in the future.
4. Participants who do not work as Teacher in Andhra Pradesh government run Schools will be rejected.
5. The ideas of the selected winners if found to be copied in the future, the committee has the discretion to decide further action.

Note: This competition is solely conducted by AP SCERT for motivating AP government school Teachers to encourage and recognize their creativity in TLM preparation during the lock down because of COVID-19 situation for a meaningful engagement.


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