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Sub: School Education -Un-Aided Private Educational Institutions - Closure of un-recognized schools Instructions Issued Regarding.

G.O.Ms.No.1, Edn., dated 01.01.1994.
G.O.Ms.No. 41, Edn.,(SE.PS.I} Ot. 11.05.2006.
G.O.Ms.No.42, Edn.,(SE.PS.I) Dt. 30.07.2010.

      The District Educational Officers and Regional Joint Directors of School Education are aware that the permission for establishment of schools under private managements and their regulations are governed as per the rules issued in the G.Os 1st and 2nd read above.

     In the rules, it was made clear that all the educational institutions should necessarily have proper permission (recognition) from the competent authority. No educational society should be allowed to function without permission to start from the appropriate authority.
Further, there is also an opportunity to make an application with penalty up to the end of April or the academic year, in which the educational society wishes to start a school.
        However, it is also noticed that several un-recognized educational institutions under private managements are mushrooming in certain areas of the state, pointing to the lack of proper surveillance, Such un-recognised schools are admitting children with connived propaganda. As per U-DISE 2017-18 around 309 un-recognized schools are functioning in the State and, on ground, the figure would be more. The list is attached herewith.

     The Right to Education Act·2009 too prohibits the existence of unrecognized schools. Keeping in view the welfare of the students, existence of such schools is a need to be curtailed instantaneously. Existence of such schools may, ostensibly, mar the academics of ignoramus students and educational system.

In view of the above circumstances all the RJDSEs and the DEOs in the State are hereby instructed to ensure that:
Suitable instructions are to be issued to the field officers i.e. the Deputy Educational Officer, Mandal Educational Officer etc., to identify the schools, functioning without proper permission / recognition and obtain report by 08.06.2018.
Issue show cause notices immediately from the field officers to the managements not to run the school without proper pennission.
If any institution fails to respond to the show cause notice, get such schools closed down forcibly with the help of the local police and impose penalty on those schools as per AP Education Rules.
Make the list of Un-recognized schools of the District/ Mandal available with the Mandal Educational Officer/Deputy Educational Officer so that the lists are accessible to the students/parents.
Give a wide publicity using print, electronic, district websites and Social media to enlighten the parents not to join their children in any unrecognized school.
The periodical inspections arc: done by the field officers properly and remedial steps should be taken at the appropriate time for closure of unrecognized schools.
All the un-recognized shall be closed down.


  • Publicity about Un-Reorganization schools with name by 08.06.20 18
  • Closure down of un-recognized schools from 08.06.2018 to 18.06.2018.
  • Submission of repon to Commissioner of School Education by 19.06.2018

  Further, The RJDSEfDEOs are requested to issue a press note to reach out to as many people as possible on both the issues enliRhtenin~ public to brin~ the occurrences of such instances to their notice. Soon after receipt of information take immediate action to stop such instances and take appropriate action against such schools/managements as per RTE Act and AP Education Rules

             These instructions issued shall be scrupulously followed without any deviation.
 A fortnightly report should be sent to this office providing the information of unrecognized schools identified, issued notices and closed (with names) and also the schools prevented from conducting talent tests in their respective districts.


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