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Vacancy position:

1. Open – website
2. You will find in the highlights – Municipal Teacher Transfers Phase-I vacancy position
3. Click on
4. Region wise – ULB wise vacancies will be appeared
5. Download and print the required ULB vacancy position.
6. Verify School wise, Subject wise, Medium wise vacancies in the school which you are going to opt for transfer
7. Teachers can choose 3 schools for giving option.
8. This facility will be for only teachers who are coming under spouse grounds and request on medical grounds only.
9. Take the help of your ULB Coordinators if any information is required from the other ULBs.

UDISE Codes:

1. In the same site you can see this scrolling - Municipal Teacher Transfers Phase-I Master UDISE Codes.
2. Click on
3. You will find District, ULB, UDISE Code and School Name.
4. Note down the UDISE Codes for the schools which you have already identified.
5. Cross check the schools identified in the vacancy list with the schools furnished in the master UDISE codes.

Scanning of Required Certificates/Documents:

a) The required certificates/documents can be obtained from the Commissioner/Concerned Authority with due signatures and seal of the department.
b) Scan it and keep it on the desktop/drive.
c) During uploading the particulars in the online application for certain items you will be shown on the screen – choose file. In such cases attach the scanned document/certificate.

1. Service certificate of the applicant
2. Willingness certificate to take last rank
3. No dues and no allegation certificate
4. Certificate of spouse as govt employee
5. Declaration for national/ state best teacher awardees
6. Declaration on children studying in govt. Schools
7. Certificate on achievement of 100% results in SSC 2018
8. Declaration for unmarried female teachers/headmistress gr-ii
9. Consent certificate for mutual transfer
10. Medical Certificates
11. NCC Certificate
12. Certificates required for entitlement points.
13. Others if any

Application Form:

1. Open – website
2. You will find in the highlights – Municipal Teacher Transfers Phase-I Application Form
3. Click on
4. You will find the application form with item no. 1 as “Name of the individual seeking transfer”.
5. Fill up the details item wise without any deviations
6. If you select the column – “Whether the transfer sought on account of-You will find drop downs: Spouse, Mutual, Request.”
7. Select the suitable and fill in the required details there on
8. Under column – Place opted for transfer you will find the following –
District, Mandal, School Name, UDISE Code, Category of post, Medium, Subject and No. of applications submitted for the post till now.
Similarly for 2 more schools you will find the same items. Furnish them also.
9. Other columns will be followed. Continue filling up the details.
10. At last “Submit” the application.
11. PDF format will be generated with URN no. for the application you have submitted.
12. On the right top of the system you will find “Download PDF”. Download the application and take 2 prints.
13. Submit one copy of the PDF application along with original required certificates to the Commissioner and obtain acknowledgement on the second copy of the PDF format


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