Wednesday, February 21, 2018

APTeLs APP VERSION 1.2 DOWNLOAD AND CSE Website Leave Management System Guidelines


CSE Website Leave Management System Guidelines:

1.Go to website

2.Click on Teachers Corner Direct link

3.Next Click on Submit your Leave credits.

4.Enter your Treasury Id number and click on Submit.

5.You will receive OTP Number to your Registered mobile number.

6.Now Enter Your OTP Number on the box.

7.Then it will ask your Leaves Details like Casual Leave,
Earned Leave,
Half Pay Leave, etc.

8.It will show remaining balance Leaves automatically.

9.After entering the Leave details, Click on submit.

10.Your Leaves submitted once; You can’t change the Leave Details.

11.Hence I request you submit the Leave Details carefully.

Leave Details (per the Calendar Year):

Casual Leaves (Men & Women Teachers): 15 days

Special Casual Leave (Men & Women Teachers): 7 days

For Women Special Leaves: 5 days

Medical Leaves/Half Pay Leaves (Men & Women Teachers): 20 days

Earned Leaves: 6 days

Child Care Leaves for (women teachers): 60 days

Maternity Leaves:180 days

Paternity Leaves: 15 days etc.

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  1. I apply new version aptel app leave details in the app. BT I submit my remaining leaves in this details. Now it shows all my leaves are 0 what I can do now